Individual support in cases of hardship

In addition to other extensive projects, the Grünenthal Foundation also supports individual people by providing non-cash benefits/covering the costs of non-cash benefits. The focus here is on mobility aids and modifications to the home.

The hardship initiative is a support programme for thalidomide-affected people who face acute difficulties and must take urgent measures to preserve their mobility and autonomy in their residential environments.

Support programmes

In cases of hardship, in which no alternative (social system) funding is available, those affected by thalidomide can apply for support to fund non-cash benefits, e.g. adaptations of houses or modification of cars. The fast and unbureaucratic support is provided to individual thalidomide-affected people in cases in which no other institutions (health insurance, social security office, integration office, pension scheme etc.) bear the costs. Since the original hardship initiative was started, the Foundation has approved almost 1.000 applications.


Interested parties must be recognised by the Contergan Foundation or by an institution with similar recognition criteria.

You can find information and the form to apply for support services provided by the Grünenthal Foundation to assist thalidomide-affected people here: