On behalf of the company, the owners and the employees, on August 31, 2012, the then CEO of Grünenthal, Dr. Harald F. Stock, apologized to those affected by thalidomide as well as to their families.

In a speech1, Dr. Stock acknowledged the significant suffering caused by the tragedy and apologized for the company’s long silence. The Grünenthal Foundation was founded during the same year. It has so far supported hundreds of affected people who are in acute difficulties.

Today, the "Grünenthal Foundation for the support of people affected by thalidomide" takes care of those affected by thalidomide by providing individual support. The services of the Grünenthal Foundation are available to all people affected by thalidomide, whose mother took a thalidomide containing product provided by Grünenthal or by a distribution partner that sold thalidomide containing products on behalf of Grünenthal. Affected people whose mother took thalidomide containing products from a licensee of Grünenthal can also apply for support from the Grünenthal Foundation.

1 Vgl. Speech of Dr. Harald F. Stock , Chief Executive Officer of the Grünenthal Group, to mark the unveiling of the thalidomide memorial in Stolberg/Rhineland, Germany, on August 31, 2012